We are global supplier of fresh & frozen products with reliable quality & aim to provide easy access to authentic food solutions. Our frozen foods portfolio includes fruits, vegetables and dried sea foods varieties. All these are produced using the best ingredients, raw materials, and under the best practices as per International Standards with rigorous quality controls.
Tan Dong Food carries out its production in accordance with International Quality Standards such as ISO 22000, HACCP and BRC. With more than 150 products in food service and retail, we takes meticulous care to make sure high quality is achieved during each process, from the selection of the best raw materials, going through all production stages until the fresh frozen products reach our consumer’s table.
Tan Dong Food has achieved success in export markets due to its principles of quality and customer satisfaction, which have allowed its extensive and innovative portfolio to reach more than 15 countries and keep growing in key regions such as North America, Europe and East Asia.

Over the years, we have perfected our craft, preserving all the good things that nature has to offer – without the need for additives – and making them available anytime, anyplace.

Why Choose Us

Security and freshness

Because with the integrated supply chain we produce what we sell.
The quality of our products is guaranteed from the start to the end. We control all the fruit and vegetables from sowing to delivery to guarantee our customers the freshness they expect. All this is done by means of Traceability techniques of our supply chain to guarantee the requirements defined by the BRC Global Standard.

Variety and availability

Because we guarantee a complete supply 365 days a year.
All our products are available in every season. And every year we add new varieties to those already grown.

Capillarity and punctuality

Because we work 7 days a week with the most punctuality.
The internal management of property logistics allows us to be punctual always, 7 days a week and for any quantity of order. A capillary distribution able to reach the fruit and vegetable markets and the GDO platforms within the requested times.

Controls and quality

Tan Dong Food is BRC Certified, which means you can trust the quality of our produce. Our fresh produce growers and suppliers deliver to us daily, so there is no long-term storage of produce. Our freezing technology pauses the ingredients at the peak of perfection, preserving colour, texture, flavour and nutrients until consumers are ready to enjoy them.

Our Certifications